Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Today is the day... We played the game.

Today we used cards from a game that is already made and we played around 10 rounds. The game play is very quick and does keep you interested due to the 30 second rounds. We’ve realized that the categories will need to be very broad in order to make it easier to get a longer list. The average list is normally either 2 to 5 words long. We only had 2 ties throughout the entire game. We’ve been tossing around several ideas to enhance the game.

  • Providing 3 letters to each player to begin with before the first round.
  • Or, providing players with 1 or 2 vowels, (A,E,I,O,U) at the beginning
  • Incorporating some type of bonus chip that would be held by the players throughout the game and allows them to put it down at the beginning of a round. After this chip is put down a second letter card will be flipped for that round, allowing the winner of the round to get both letters.
  • Allowing the person who wins for the round to forfeit their letter card in order get a spin at a wheel. This wheel would have different things on it like getting a vowel card or getting to steal a letter from an opponent or getting to swap a letter with an opponent.
  • Also the idea of using a board to monitor game progress came up. There would probably only be one game piece moving one space on the board for each turn. This would just be a visual representation of the progress of the game play.

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